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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions
  • Are there any restrictions on the point of sale demo version?
  • No, the trial is a full working version of OrderPad/EasyPad. However, it will only run on one computer at a time.
  • How long is the free trial?
  • The free trial is 30 days, after that you will have to purchase OrderPad/EasyPad to continue using it.
  • Will I lose my data once I purchase?
  • Once purchased you will not lose any data from your point of sale software demo period.
  • What is your return policy on software?
  • All software sales are final. Because OrderPad/EasyPad offers a FREE 30 day evaluation to ensure that this product will meet your needs without the need to purchase, there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS on our software. Before deciding to purchase our software, please be sure to download, install and fully test the evaluation version that we provide.

    Unlike physical goods, electronically distributed software cannot be returned once a serial number is issued and it has been installed. Accordingly, it is our policy that once we have distributed a release version to a customer, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit.
  • On the trial version what is the default password?
  • The default password is 1234. This should be changed, for security reasons, when you setup your own database.
  • Do I need any special hardware?
  • No, to use OrderPad all you need is a computer, monitor and mouse. However, EasyPad is specifically designed to work with any touchscreen monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, caller id display.
  • Do I need any additional software?
  • No, OrderPad/EasyPad contains all you need to get up and running.
  • Can I resell or re-license my purchased software to another party?
  • All software is registered only to the company that originally purchased it, and unless you are a registered reseller, OrderPad/EasyPad may not be re-sold or re-licensed to any other party.
  • Do I need to have a network?
  • No, to use OrderPad/EasyPad on just one computer you do not need to have a network setup. However, if you are running multiple stations you will need to have them connected either wirelessly or with an ethernet cable based system.
  • What Operating Systems does OrderPad/EasyPad run on?
  • OrderPad/EasyPad runs on all versions (x86/x64) of Windows WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8 ,POSReady2009, POSReady7.
  • I have multiple stations, how should I setup my network?
  • To setup a Windows network to be able to share a OrderPad/EasyPad database, you want to do a few things.
    1. Setup all the computers with the same login name and password
    2. Setup all the computers with the same login name and password and make sure those accounts have administrative rights.
    3. Make sure you are not running any antivirus programs that would block your computers from seeing SQL Server on the shared database computer.

  • My computer is old and too slow, what do I do?
  • You can download our free of charge software Control dRun Plus 2014.
    disable all startup programs, can speed up and improve your computer's performance.
    Make sure you are not running any antivirus programs. More details...
    Note: Suggestion format computer(hard drive) and install WinXP, then run Control dRun Plus 2014.

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